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Larger Shoe Size

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  • Out Of Step

    Out Of Step

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  • Ranger Walking Boots

    Ranger Walking Boots

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  • Respect


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  • Safety Boot

    Safety Boot

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Ethical Consumer Best Buy Award

When we first started with ethical WARES over 20 years ago now (!), selling a pair of shoes or boots in size UK 12 /European 47 was quite an event.  Nowadays it’s such a common size to sell that we have been stocking larger sizes than this for a number of years, going upwards to the extent we now stock our Ranger Walking boots in European size 51.

Shoe sizes have certainly been moving upwards and to cater for this we have now launched a dedicated section for the larger Vegan foot, catering for foot sizes UK 13/European 48 upwards.

You can see our current styles below (not all will be in stock, so please check first) and we are also working on 2 new styles of men’s smart shoes which should be in stock later this year.

If your requirements are not met by what we presently have in stock, please do get in touch with us.      

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