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About ethical Wares

Aunt Dotty the Ethical Cow

When we took over the running of ethical WARES back in 1993, there were just 2 styles of shoes on offer. One was imaginatively called the Green boot, if we remember correctly and one the Black boot! How times have changed, with ethical WARES now stocking well over 500 Vegan and Cruelty Free products.

In this time we have seen many other companies selling non leather footwear come and go, but today there is a much wider choice of such footwear and accessories available for the compassionate consumer to choose from. This is so important because as consumers we all have the chance to change the world for the better in our everyday purchases. There is a better world possible for all its inhabitants and it is up to us all to work for this positive change.

All our products are not only Vegan but have been carefully sourced to satisfy us to their worker friendly credentials. We've been dealing with some of the companies making footwear for us for many years now. Where we can we support the UK footwear industry as this has been hit so very hard by cheap imports from abroad, forcing much of the domestic industry to close down.

We believe that the struggle for a better deal for animals cannot be separated from that same struggle for human rights. To this end many of our accessories are covered by Fair Trade criteria and we are proud to be supporting the Tibetan refugee community by offering Tibetan incense, handicrafts and music in our Tibet Shop.

Another passion of ours is for music, whether this is just for enjoyment or to encourage social or political change. Good music can be very special but good music made by Vegan or Veggie musicians is better still! This led us to start up our Music for A Better World section on EW strictly for Vegan or Veggie musicians, and then onto a wider range of music in our Four Dogs Music site

The income from EW goes to fund the care of the 50 or so animals living here with us at Caegwyn. A motley crew if ever there were one; consisting of goats, sheep, pigs, 2 old horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and Aunt Dotty the cow.

Without the support of so many people all over the world who have shopped with us over the years we have been going, none of the above would have been possible. Our aim is to continue for another 22 years and our promise is to never waver from the principles on which EW was founded.

For peace, justice and for no more wars.

Denise, Mike & Bryn

ethical WARES
Temple Bar
SA48 7SA
Wales, UK