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Ranger Vegan Walking/Hiking Boots - Brown - Worn Once

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One off price for these pairs only - worn once by customers but wrong size. Very little signs of being worn.excellent condition. So these are reduced price boots, but looks more or less good as new.

Our famous Vegan Ranger walking boot has a one-piece upper, sewn-in bellows tongue, now with an improved Aqua-Stop water resistant and breathable lining, nylon mid-sole, dual density Vibram sole.

Worn literally all around the world, these Vegan boots are made for walking.
Made in Italy for ethical WARES.

Colour: Brown
Sizes: 37, 40, 41 only

When choosing your walking boots, we would recommend ordering one size larger than your normal shoe size to allow for thicker walking socks.

  • Brown
Footwear Sizes (from option):
  • 37
  • 40
  • Unisex
  • Walking Boots
Thank you for these walking boots. I bought them about 6 weeks ago. and have worn them a lot - for walking and for helping with yard work at my local horse and donkey rescue. From the first moment I put them on they have always felt totally comfortable and warm and soft. This is combined with being strong and waterproof - with an excellent sole. Couldn't ask for better boots and would recommend to anyone.
Absolutely love these boots. On my second pair with the new waterproof liner. Most comfortable walking boots I have ever worn. Look after them and they will get you anywhere in the UK.
Wrote a genuine review and because it’s not completely positive, it’s not been posted. Let’s see if this one does....

In essence, my overall review is that they are very comfortable. Lightweight. But they are not waterproof. They let in a fair amount on my right boot, my toes always get wet! No idea how anyone walks through streams etc in these. I’ll try a different type next time.
I have been buying these boots from Mike and the team at Ethical Wares for about 20yrs and have never had such comfortable boots. I take them away everywhere I go and they have never let me down, rain, snow, hot, cold. They are brilliant, using them on cliff paths in Crete right now.
Rachel in Mayo, Ireland here. Just have to say, these boots are brilliant. I have delicate slim feet but I feel like Mountain Super Woman in these boots. So comfy, so strong, so water proof. Best footware I've ever bought in my short 39 years on the planet. I wear them with orthotics and thick socks ; )
I bought these boots several weeks ago, and feel that I am now able, having subjected them to a bout of regular multi-mile winter walking, to submit my current impressions.

My initial perception of the boots, when I first removed them from their packaging, was that they possessed an impressive look and feel of quality, which is accurately reflected in the promotional photo's on this site.

I had followed the on-line advice regarding ordering a larger size than my shoe size, to accommodate walking socks, and found that this advice was correct and justified. The resulting fit, when wearing thicker walking socks, is a comfy one, which also would be able to accommodate any potential increase in foot size/swelling during long distance walking in hot weather.

I have found these boots very comfortable and supporting during five mile plus, winter walks, and also very comfy during prolonged periods of general wear, during the day, having first 'worn them in' around the house, for the first few days after receiving them.

At the time of writing this review, I can say that I am delighted with all aspects of these boots; the look, fit, quality and substance.

At this relatively early stage, they appear to have endured the rigours of winter walking with aplomb, and the overall look and feel of the boots leads me to feel confident that they should continue to provide me with good service into the future. Should they do so, I should be more than likely to purchase further pairs, as and when required. JD

The boots arrived during the week. I changed the order from size 45 to 46 and glad I did - the extra pair of socks in the snow today were welcome! I'm very impressed with the quality of design and manufacture, and they're really lightweight too. It makes a change to have completely waterproof footwear - many thanks...just ordered some Kathmandu shoes too
I bought these shoes quite a few years ago and they are still in amazing condition, despite being up a few mountains as well as wearing them most days. When these do eventually wear out I will by another exact pain. I also recommend this pair to everyone I talk to. Thanks.
Nice looking, comfortable boot.

My boots arrived this morning, I ordered a size up and they fit perfectly! They come higher up my leg than my old (non-vegan) boots, so feel strange at the moment, but otherwise a really good fit. Comfortable, sturdy and very nice looking boots. Excellent customer service from Mark, who cancelled a pair of boots for me that I had ordered by mistake. Overall, I would recommend this company to all my vegan friends. Thanks Ethical Wares!
Excellent Boots (Update on 13/05/2013 review

I have now had these boots for almost two years. They are my only pair of walking boots and they have been comfortable since the very first wear. (I took the advice and bought one size larger than my normal shoe size). These boots are very light and totally waterproof and I wear them regularly in all conditions i.e. rain, snow, thick mud and, as they are so light, even on warm summer walks. The only maintenance these boots have been given by me is to wipe off the dirt/mud. The non-leather soles of these boots are the same as the soles of my husband's leather boots, but unlike his leather boots, these non-leather boots are much lighter and the don't need the regular maintenance of waterproofing. I've worn these non-leather Ranger boots regularly in all weathers and they still look quite new. A excellent buy!
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Size Conversion Chart

Please order in either the relevant UK or European sizes only. US/Canada customers should use this chart to select the appropriate European or UK size. The walking boots are a regular-sized fit. To accommodate thick walking socks, however, you may wish to order one size larger. Of course, if the fit is wrong we will exchange for another size.

Europe UK US Men's US Women's
35 2 3/4 - 4 3/4
36 3 1/2 - 5 1/2
37 4 1/2 - 6 1/2
38 5 - 7
39 5 3/4 6 3/4 7 3/4
40 6 1/2 7 1/2 8 1/2
41 7 8 9
42 8 9 10
43 9 10
44 10 11
45 10 1/2 11 1/2
46 11 12
47 12 13
48 13 14
49 14 15

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