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30 Years

09 Mar 2023
by denise newman

2023 is the 30th anniversary year of ethical WARES starting out on what has become a very long road!

It has been a hard slog with many ups and downs, but we wouldn’t have missed out on a minute of it (well perhaps the odd minute we could have done without!).

It was a different environment for a Vegan company when we first kicked off – quite a lonely place at times.  The only other Vegan companies we can remember were the wonderful Plamil Foods – who seemed to have been around for ever, Honesty Cosmetics, Vegetarian Shoes who started up shortly before we did, and Cats Go Vegan which was run by the couple who were running the Vegan Society at the time, bringing in Vegan cat food from America if memory serves us right.

There must have been a few more around at the time but we can’t think of many who are still around today.

Contacting new suppliers back then, resulted in many blank looks of astonishment – Veganism just wasn’t anywhere near the mainstream then.  ‘Conventional’ manufacturers just didn’t understand what we were trying to achieve.  We do think, in all modesty, that we helped to prepare the groundwork and understanding that would have paved the way for the many Vegan companies that have followed on since.

When we started out we firmly thought that it was our contribution to the formation of a kinder, more humane world, that we would offer quality alternatives to the wearing of animal skin.  This is still our main and only real objective today.

It is a bit galling to see huge, often multinational companies offering their Vegan products now – alongside their normal animal based products. A clear case of jumping on the band wagon, but that is for their conscience.  Our overwhelming objective is routed in the need for a more compassionate world.

2023 finds us living in on the small holding we’ve been at for over 20 years now in beautiful West Wales, fields still inhabited by a motley collection of rescued animals, who’s care is funded by the purchases you have made from us.  We are sure they are very grateful.

Trouble the Goat Four of our rescue Ponies Brutus the Goat Smudge the Cat

We’ve still got customers who have been with us from the get go – and we really appreciate you all, old and new.

Looking back on the last 30 years – it’s been a real adventure and we couldn’t have done any of it without you all.
So thank you.