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Very pleased to be able to offer this important, innovative and possibly unique, addition to our range of Vegan safety footwear.
The very first,we think,Vegan Chainsaw safety boot comes from a collaboration with the Italian company that makes our existing Safety footwear and walking boots.

Lorica uppers, Kelvlar anti cut protection, steel toe cap, pierce resistant midsole and meeting the UNI EN ISO 17249:2014/A1 STANADARD.

Sizes: 37 - 48 EU

Due to the protective padding used in the construction of this boot, people might want to choose one size than their usual footwear to allow for a comfortable fit.

  • Black
  • Unisex
  • Safety Boots
Really happy with these boots. Comfortable straight out of the box if a little stiff to begin with. I've got slim feet and they're a good fit for me. Used them in a full day of heavy rain today and they didn't leak
I've had a pair of the Vegan Chain Saw Boots for the last three years on numerous construction sites. Absolutely excellent. Sadly, they are finally reaching End of Days so I have ordered another pair from ethicalWARES. Even the original laces are still intact albeit with a couple of in-line knots. They provide excellent ankle support and are very comfortable. They do take a few months to break in but then they mould to the feet.

If you are are after a robust safety boot then these bad boys are for you.
I have had about 4-5 pairs of these boots over the last 6years or so, they are not very breathable and not completely waterproof and take a bit of wearing in which is a small price to pay for a vegan chainsaw boot, but with over 20 years climbing expirence I must say they are the best Boot I've ever used, cheap and light weight, wouldn't buy anything else ????????????
I had super high hopes for these boots. I have been a tree surgeon for almost 9 years and after finding out there was a vegan chainsaw boot on the market i vowed to get a set after my pair of leather ones wore out. Unfortunately these have been extremely disappointing! Firstly they were extremely uncomfortable but hey all boots are a little uncomfortable when new. But after three weeks of daily use. Still horrid to wear. Secondly they are NOT waterproof and there beathablity is none existant. To add a final comment after 3 weeks the soles have already started to split at the seams.

To summarise, I have reluctantly purchased a new pair of leather chainsaw boots because its not gppd for your feet when working out doors everyday having them wet and uncomfortable.
Love these boots, durable, comfy bend in the right places. Can't recommend them highly enough
Good Comfy

A nice fit. Have had to use chainsaw wellingtons for 7 year. His makes life much better. I had to return to get a size up, maybe that I am an in between size. Exchanging not an issue. Just need ethical chainsaw gloves now. Thanks.
Thumbs Up!

These boots are comfortable (suitable for long shifts on concrete floors), waterproof, offer great ankle support and protection and are durable. I have worn mine for approximatley 50 hours a week for the last three years and have only recently had to replace the inner soles with inserts.
SO comfortable!

These are stunning boots, very comfortable and flex at the ankle just where you need it, but offering great support and protection, totally happy with my purchase - be nice if you did the matching gloves (thats not a joke, vegan cutstop gloves would be fab!)...I wont ask you for the matching bag dont worry ! :)

just come across this and didn't know it was available. I am delighted and can't wait until my boots need replacing
Best chainsaw boots I've ever had

These boots are fantastic: sturdy, robust, and more comfortable than my actual walking books. I can't recomment them highly enough.
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Size Conversion Chart

Please order in either the relevant UK or European sizes only. US/Canada customers should use this chart to select the appropriate European or UK size. The walking boots are a regular-sized fit. To accommodate thick walking socks, however, you may wish to order one size larger. Of course, if the fit is wrong we will exchange for another size.

Europe UK US Men's US Women's
35 2 3/4 - 4 3/4
36 3 1/2 - 5 1/2
37 4 1/2 - 6 1/2
38 5 - 7
39 5 3/4 6 3/4 7 3/4
40 6 1/2 7 1/2 8 1/2
41 7 8 9
42 8 9 10
43 9 10
44 10 11
45 10 1/2 11 1/2
46 11 12
47 12 13
48 13 14
49 14 15

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