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Vegan Footwear: Why We’re Passionate About Cruelty Free Shoes

30 Oct 2019
by denise newman
Vegan Footwear: Why We're Passionate About Cruelty Free Shoes

We set up ethical WARES as a way to bring cruelty free footwear to those who wanted them.

While we started off small, we now have over 500 vegan products for sale. Our goal right from the start was to provide people with the items they needed without causing harm to animals, and our customers agree.

When we started in 1993 it was really difficult to get a pair of 100% ethical vegan shoes, and we believed that needed to change.

Why We Think It’s Important to Buy Vegan Shoes

For years we’ve been advocating for vegan shoes and accessories through our website, and our reasons for this only make us more and more determined to keep going and provide you with the shoes that we believe everyone should be wearing!

Here are a few of the reasons why we’re so passionate about selling vegan footwear.

It Helps To Stop Animal Cruelty

Every year, animals are killed for their skin to be used for fashion. We believe that this is wrong, and that alternative ways are out there to clothe ourselves.

No animal needs to die in the name of fashion. Unfortunately, finding vegan shoes is difficult unless they are certified. This is because some glue found in shoes can be made using animal products, so even if your think it’s safe to buy a pair of canvas shoes, they might not be vegan.

All of our shoes are guaranteed 100% cruelty free and we have even been approved by PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals).

It’s Better for the Environment

If we use more natural products, then it takes less of a toll on the environment. It means looking at natural alternatives to some of the plastics we use, but also turning away from animal leather.

Leather production uses up a huge amount of energy and water, not to mention nasty chemicals, in the curing stage.

If we can use organic cotton, cork, and recycled rubber in our shoes, we are doing our bit to tackle environmental destruction and climate change.

It Supports Fair Trade

It’s not just animals that we care about. We’re determined that all of our manufacturers provide their employees with a living wage and good working conditions. We support our local UK economy as much as possible and many of our accessories proudly display the Fair Trade logo.

We hope that by doing this we are encouraging positive change for both humans and animals.

What are Vegan Shoes Made of?

Many people ask what material shoes are made of to qualify them as vegan, and the answer is that there’s a whole range of both synthetic and natural materials out there that are animal and cruelty free.

We try and stick to the products whose manufacture causes the least harm to the environment, and every year there are new ways to make synthetic material that perform as well as, if not better than, materials made from animal products. They provide all of the ‘benefits’ and none of the cruelty, allowing the creation of a huge range of footwear, from the most comfortable vegan suede shoes to the toughest non leather safety boots.

In the coming months we'll also be stocking some very funky vegan slippers made from recycled plastic, as well as sneakers made from a variety of recycled materials.

Cotton for Vegan Work Shoes

For cruelty free work shoes, there are a wide variety of materials available. Cotton is always a popular choice, particularly in the summer months, as it allows your feet to breathe in the heat.

When cotton is sourced organically, it is very environmentally friendly as well as vegan, so it ticks all of the right boxes. One of our favourite cotton shoes are these vegan sneakers by Ethletic.

Gone are the days when you could only buy one type of certified vegan shoe. Now you can purchase shoes for any occasion, from vegan smart shoes to practical work safety boots.

Here at ethical WARES we are proud of our products and pleased to be doing all that we can to bring you cruelty free, vegan, high quality footwear. We’re confident that you’ll like them and that they’ll give you years of service!


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