Tibet Shop

Tibet Shop

The Tibet Shop features handicrafts from the Tibetan community living in exile in India and Nepal.

Ever since China invaded Tibet in 1950, the centuries old Tibetan culture has been under deliberate and systematic threat. While world leaders queue up to have their photo taken with the Dalai Lama - the Tibetan political and spiritual leader - they ignore the plight of the Tibetan people and of the wide spread reports of human rights abuse.

ethical WARES has always supported the Tibetan peoples right to have control over their own affairs and their country. Whether that is complete independence, which we would favour or the middle way approach promoted by the Dalai Lama.

With thousands of Tibetans living as refugees around the world, we can support this exiled community in many ways, one of which is by purchasing Tibetan handicrafts and incense. This not only provides an income for refugees but also helps to keep Tibetan cultural traditions alive.

Amongst the other suppliers we support, we buy our incense direct from the Tashi Choeling Monastery in India, and many of the handicrafts and clothing come from the Tibetan Children's Village also in India. The Ani Choying CDs come direct from the Nuns Welfare Foundation she founded in Nepal.

To find out more about the situation in Tibet you can visit
The Free Tibet Campaign
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We are very encouraged by the emergence of Tibetan Volunteers For Animals. An active group within the exiled Tibetan community promoting animal rights and vegetarianism. We wish them well in their work, find out more about them: TVA