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Chris Packham/Veganuary/Vegan Creepers

07 Feb 2019
by denise newman

I expect many people reading this post will have been following Chris Packham and his vlog posts on Veganuary

While we all of course love Chris, we must say we were slightly disappointed that, when talking about changing his leather creepers to non leather when the leather ones wear out, he recommended a company (whose name will remain unsaid here) he was going to purchase a new Vegan pair from.

All well and good Chris, but the said (or rather unsaid here) company makes mainly leather footwear, and has been doing so for years. So their more limited non leather range is there rather for them to cash in on compassionate consumers rather than for any ethical motive.

At ethical WARES all our footwear is, of course, Vegan and always will be and we’ve been offering our range of (UK made) Vegan creepers for years now.

Perhaps some credit where it’s due Chris?

Pictures please...

06 Feb 2019
by denise newman

If there’s any of our lovely customers out there with decent pictures of them wearing some of our equally lovely footwear & you’d be happy for us to use them drop us a line :)

New Ladies Boots

10 Oct 2018
by denise newman

Just arrived, these lovely Vegan ladies boots made in Portugal; just in time for the colder weather.
End of line styles so we’re not sure if we will be able to get anymore in once our current stock has gone!

Choose from:

Teagan Black Teagan Tan

Vegan Bake Off week

22 Aug 2018
by denise newman

A Vegan Bake Off - what do we think, a sign of the times or just cashing in? Answers on a virtual post card.

10 Delicious Ways to Use Tofu (You May Not Have Thought Of)

16 Jul 2018
by denise newman

Tofu is such an awesome vegan staple that its true potential can sometimes be overlooked. It has become almost a cliché, but its popularity is well-deserved. Many people underestimate just how much you can do with tofu. If you use it right, you can end up with an array of foods so varied and flavorful that even your non-vegan friends will be begging you for recipes.

Here are some delicious ways to use tofu that you may not have thought about. Try tofu in a new way tonight and expand your meal options!

1. Tofu Scramble

The tofu scramble is a must-have staple. Not only does it offer you the chance to replicate a breakfast classic, but it also gives you a platform for a wide variety of flavors and the chance to experiment with whatever vegetables you have on hand, making it an excellent way to clear your fridge.

One example is this simple but scrumptious Southwest Tofu Scramble . With just some simple ingredients (many you probably have on hand already), you can whip up a savory dish that is packed with flavor. Red peppers add both color and taste, and kale packs a nutritious punch as well. The standout of this dish is the pourable sauce, allowing you to customize your level of spice. It can be a great breakfast or brunch dish or even a quick weeknight dinner.

2. Stir Fry

Stir fry is a delicious way to combine vegetable flavor profiles and tofu is the perfect ingredient to add some varied texture.

This Teriyaki Peanut Stir Fry is a great starting place for using tofu in this way. The mix of ginger and sweet and spicy peanut sauce provides a satisfying, tangy flavor. A combination of carrots, red pepper, and zucchini comes together to offer a hearty, tasty dish that’s perfect to pack for lunch.

3. Smoothie (with Silken Tofu)

Smoothies are a wonderful, portable meal that are great for on-the-go nutrition. Making them at home before you head out the door helps ward off temptation to stop by the drive thru and gives you the energy boost to start your day off right.

You can use ¼ of a block of silken tofu to thicken and add protein to any smoothie. It’s also a great way to make your smoothies thicker, if you don’t have a blender that’s good at crushing ice.

4. Tofu Jerky

Did you know that tofu can provide a delicious vegan version of jerky that delivers the same salty satisfaction?

Give this Spicy Siracha Tofu Jerky a try for a treat with a tangy zing. This simple recipe only requires five ingredients, and the resulting jerky makes for an excellent on-the-go snack that can be packed in a lunch box or carried along for a hike. When you’re making any tofu jerky, it helps to use a tofu press so that it more easily sucks up all the marinade.

5. Chilis

A good chili needs to be hearty, filling, and robust, and sometimes it can be boring eating the typical vegan chili with only beans, peppers, and onions. Tofu can be used to add texture and heft to a delicious chili that makes a tasty dinner with leftovers that can easily become lunch the next day.

This Mushroom Tofu Chili is packed with hearty ingredients to make for a filling dish, and the flavors of cumin, chili powder, and even a little cacao powder make for a smoky flavor that is quite satisfying. Give it a try on its own or with a sliced French loaf.

6. Spring Rolls

Spring rolls can be an excellent side dish for Asian cuisine. They’re also great on their own as a light lunch. The pop of color from vibrant veggies and the invigorating taste of a well-seasoned sauce make this a full sensory pleaser.

These Purple Cabbage Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce deliver on both the pleasing appearance and the flavor-packed sauce. Stuffed with sweet potatoes, crispy tofu, and black rice, these rolls are hearty enough to serve on their own.

7. Kebabs

Kebabs are an excellent summer food that are perfect for tossing on the grill. They are also very versatile and can be created with different flavors to match any palate.

As the BBQ season ramps up, try out this Mediterranean-Spiced Tofu Kebab . Fresh zucchini and crisp red peppers join tofu to make for a great grilled treat. Flavors of turmeric, paprika, and cayenne pepper let you make this dish as mild or spicy as you’d like.

8. Tofu Feta Cheese

We often think of tofu as a meat substitute, but it can also serve as a cheese substitute. It truly is that versatile! In just 15 minutes and with a simple marinade, tofu can provide both the flavor and texture of a crumbly feta to add to salads.

Try this Vegan Tofu Feta Cheese recipe that uses apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and oregano to provide a flavorful cheese replacement.

9. Ricotta Cheese

Vegan ricottas can be made with nut blends, but if you find yourself without the ingredients on hand (or prefer to skip the nuts for other reasons), tofu is a great substitute.

This Quick Vegan Tofu Ricotta takes only 11 minutes and a food processor to create a delicious “cheese” ready for use in lasagna or wherever else you’d usually throw in some ricotta.

10. Alfredo Sauce

One last cheesy substitute that tofu can provide is a creamy, mouthwatering alfredo sauce. Serve it over pasta for comfort food at its finest.

This Tofu Alfredo Sauce recipe come together in just a few minutes with a few staple ingredients including Italian seasoning and vegetable broth.

Wrap Up

Tofu is truly a star in the kitchen. It can serve as a substitute for eggs, meat, and cheese and provide protein and texture in a wide range of dishes. With all these possibilities at hand, tofu should be on every everyone’s list and kept on hand when quick meals or last-minute changes are required. Many of these recipes are adaptable and ready for your personal touches, so get in the kitchen and get cooking!

Written by:
Joey Bruno runs the blog a website dedicated to making vegan eating simple. You can also find him on YouTube


22 Jun 2018
by denise newman

So today is #bringyourdogtoworkday and ours just want to sit in the sun
#bringyourdogtowork #wales #westwales #adoptdontshop

2018 marks our 25th Anniversary year, phew.

21 Jun 2018
by denise newman

It’s been a long haul and we wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of compassionate consumers like you.

ethical WARES was one of the early pioneers of leather free footwear and accessories, and particular thanks must go to those loyal customers who have stuck with us through the duration.

This is what our great friend Benjamin Zephaniah had to say about us;
"I’ve been with Ethical Wares from the beginning, and after 25 years together we’ve watched as some are trying to catch up with the idea of trading ethically. Ethical Wares are the originals. For the last 25 years they’ve been doing it every day with feeling. They care, so they share. I wish them all the best for the future. There is another way, and they’re on it."
Thanks to all for your support.

Happy Customer

26 Apr 2018
by denise newman

Claire say's "The boots. I absolutely LOVE them!!! They are sooo comfy and look fab, so I’m chuffed to bits :-) just wearing them round the house but they’re ideal, I can tell."
Thanks Claire for taking the trouble to take & send pictures of our Tyneham Boots & Maggie looks impressed as well!

See the boots here

Tibet Relief Fund Grand Raffle

24 Apr 2018
by denise newman

We were pleased to have been asked to donate a prize for this year’s Tibet Relief Fund grand raffle. We’ve happily done so before and will do so again if requested.

The cause of Tibetan freedom is one which we feel more than strongly about – a typical example of ‘might over right’. While world leaders line up to have a photo opportunity with Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, they turn a blind eye to the terrible repression in Tibet since the Chinese occupation back in the 1950s.

The Tibet Relief Fund was founded in 1959 and supports Tibetan communities in India, Nepal and in Tibet itself. We stand with them in working to support Tibetans in need and wait for the day when freedom returns to Tibet and the refugees can finally go home.

For more details visit;

Other things than Vegan Footwear

10 Apr 2018
by denise newman

It’s not just top quality, breathable Vegan footwear that ethical WARES has been selling for these last 25 years.

We also stock a virtual cornucopia of 000s of carefully sourced, rather lovely Cruelty-Free products –some of which we’ve been busily re-stocking and adding to this week.

Browse from our expanded range of Spa Ritual nail varnish, we also added some new lines from those lovely people from Friendly Soaps, and last but not least Vegan Chocolate - the best as there are no animals dying for us to enjoy a chocie fix.

A whole world of Vegan products await for the compassionate consumer at ethical WARES.