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22 Jun 2018
by denise newman

So today is #bringyourdogtoworkday and ours just want to sit in the sun
#bringyourdogtowork #wales #westwales #adoptdontshop

2018 marks our 25th Anniversary year, phew.

21 Jun 2018
by denise newman

It’s been a long haul and we wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of compassionate consumers like you.

ethical WARES was one of the early pioneers of leather free footwear and accessories, and particular thanks must go to those loyal customers who have stuck with us through the duration.

This is what our great friend Benjamin Zephaniah had to say about us;
"I’ve been with Ethical Wares from the beginning, and after 25 years together we’ve watched as some are trying to catch up with the idea of trading ethically. Ethical Wares are the originals. For the last 25 years they’ve been doing it every day with feeling. They care, so they share. I wish them all the best for the future. There is another way, and they’re on it."
Thanks to all for your support.

Happy Customer

26 Apr 2018
by denise newman

Claire say's "The boots. I absolutely LOVE them!!! They are sooo comfy and look fab, so I’m chuffed to bits :-) just wearing them round the house but they’re ideal, I can tell."
Thanks Claire for taking the trouble to take & send pictures of our Tyneham Boots & Maggie looks impressed as well!

See the boots here

Tibet Relief Fund Grand Raffle

24 Apr 2018
by denise newman

We were pleased to have been asked to donate a prize for this year’s Tibet Relief Fund grand raffle. We’ve happily done so before and will do so again if requested.

The cause of Tibetan freedom is one which we feel more than strongly about – a typical example of ‘might over right’. While world leaders line up to have a photo opportunity with Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, they turn a blind eye to the terrible repression in Tibet since the Chinese occupation back in the 1950s.

The Tibet Relief Fund was founded in 1959 and supports Tibetan communities in India, Nepal and in Tibet itself. We stand with them in working to support Tibetans in need and wait for the day when freedom returns to Tibet and the refugees can finally go home.

For more details visit; http://www.tibetrelieffund.co.uk/

Other things than Vegan Footwear

10 Apr 2018
by denise newman

It’s not just top quality, breathable Vegan footwear that ethical WARES has been selling for these last 25 years.

We also stock a virtual cornucopia of 000s of carefully sourced, rather lovely Cruelty-Free products –some of which we’ve been busily re-stocking and adding to this week.

Browse from our expanded range of Spa Ritual nail varnish, we also added some new lines from those lovely people from Friendly Soaps, and last but not least Vegan Chocolate - the best as there are no animals dying for us to enjoy a chocie fix.

A whole world of Vegan products await for the compassionate consumer at ethical WARES.

Ethletic Sneakers

10 Apr 2018
by denise newman

Just sent out some lovely Ethletic Sneakers to a regular customer of ours – he seemed very pleased by the service he got from us, and we were very pleased with his response;

‘Impressive service, thank you - they arrived today, the day after I ordered them.
Thanks very much, as ever.’

All good stuff Steve.

Safety First

06 Apr 2018
by denise newman

We’ve been sending out bucket loads of our Vegan Safety boot to safety conscious and compassionate people all over the world for many years now; see them here

Not the most glamourous boot we do to be sure, but essential in a challenging work place environment. And in fact, so comfortable are these that people actually wear them as leisure boots as well!

We’ve just sent out another pair to a regular customer from Michigan, USA and were delighted to have had this from him;
‘This will be my third pair of these boots. I'm thrilled with the fact that I can get vegan work boots at all (a couple of decades ago it was far more difficult) and despite putting them through rigorous daily use, I'm getting around twice the life out of them as my colleagues get from their leather footwear. What could be better?’

We are made up and thanks so much Greg.

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16 Mar 2018
by denise newman

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Tara Boot - reduced

07 Feb 2018
by denise newman

For the petite feet we have reduced these by over 25%
Size 35 & 36 left

Ruby Boot - reduced in price

07 Feb 2018
by denise newman

& for equally petite feet we have reduced these by over 25%
Size 35 only left