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Chris Packham/Veganuary/Vegan Creepers

07 Feb 2019
by denise newman

I expect many people reading this post will have been following Chris Packham and his vlog posts on Veganuary

While we all of course love Chris, we must say we were slightly disappointed that, when talking about changing his leather creepers to non leather when the leather ones wear out, he recommended a company (whose name will remain unsaid here) he was going to purchase a new Vegan pair from.

All well and good Chris, but the said (or rather unsaid here) company makes mainly leather footwear, and has been doing so for years. So their more limited non leather range is there rather for them to cash in on compassionate consumers rather than for any ethical motive.

At ethical WARES all our footwear is, of course, Vegan and always will be and we’ve been offering our range of (UK made) Vegan creepers for years now.

Perhaps some credit where it’s due Chris?


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