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06 Apr 2018
by denise newman

We’ve been sending out bucket loads of our Vegan Safety boot to safety conscious and compassionate people all over the world for many years now; see them here

Not the most glamourous boot we do to be sure, but essential in a challenging work place environment. And in fact, so comfortable are these that people actually wear them as leisure boots as well!

We’ve just sent out another pair to a regular customer from Michigan, USA and were delighted to have had this from him;
‘This will be my third pair of these boots. I'm thrilled with the fact that I can get vegan work boots at all (a couple of decades ago it was far more difficult) and despite putting them through rigorous daily use, I'm getting around twice the life out of them as my colleagues get from their leather footwear. What could be better?’

We are made up and thanks so much Greg.


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