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At ethical WARES we’ve been selling Vegan footwear since 1993. During this time we have built up the experience and contacts that have enabled us to bring this premier range of animal and people friendly footwear to the compassionate marketplace.

Despite the pressure of cheap imports from the Far East which has decimated much of the footwear industry in Europe, at ethical WARES much of our own branded footwear is still made in the UK. The balance is made in Europe where employment legislation and independent trade unions give at least the opportunity of decent and safe working conditions.

Most of our footwear made with a ‘leather look’ material is made from Lorica, the very best alternative to leather currently available. Breathable, water resistant, very supple and comfortable to wear, Lorica actually seems to get better with age. It is produced with extremely fine fibres, hence the name Microfibre. The fibres are structured in the same way as leather giving the material its super strength but without the inherent cruelty involved in using animal skin. Because of this structure Lorica has all the properties of leather such as breathable, vapour permeable, water resistant. It is a composition of Polyamide and Polyurethane and we consider it the ultimate non leather material.

Ethical WARES is very proud to have been awarded the Best Buy Label by the Ethical Consumer magazine, the first footwear brand we believe to have achieved this recognition.
The Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label was launched in 2008 and more than 25 of the UK’s leading ethical companies have now signed up to the scheme.
Ethical Consumer editor Rob Harrison said: "The Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label identifies companies such as Ethical Wares who consider ethics throughout their ...entire operation and gives shoppers the confidence that they're making the best possible ethical and environmental choice.
The label is the definitive endorsement for people who want to put principles at the top of their shopping list.”

Following our being chosen as the Best Online Shop for 2013 by Sublime Magazine, this year has certainly got off to an encouraging start.

Cruelty Free since 1993