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Vegan Belt B Black Wide Width/Silver buckle

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A great vegan silver buckled belt now made from Lorica, part of our range of Vegan belts.

Wider Belts – typically worn with jeans or trousers with wider belt loops or outside clothing! Width 1 1/2”/35mm. Black belt with Silver half buckle.

Belt Sizes:
Small (30"/32"/34")
Medium (36"/38"/40")
Large (42"/44"/46")

Belts (from option):
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Black
  • Unisex
  • Belt
Highly recommended, very good quality. I bought one of these belts a year ago, and bought another, slightly different style at the same time. This was because I KNEW vegan belts fall apart quickly! I am delighted to say I was very wrong in this case. One year on, worn at least 6 days a week and I have yet to try my second purchase.
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