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Tibetan Earrings - Om, Blue

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Tibetan Silver backed enamel earrings; from the Tibetan Children’s Village.

These drop earrings depict the auspicious Tibetan word ‘Om', used in most mantras & dharanis; Come in 3 colours: Turquoise, Blue OR Red.

Colour: Blue
Size: 2cm high x 1½ cm wide (approx)

More information about OM;

In Buddhism, OM is placed at the beginning of Vidya-Sadaksari or mystical formulary in six syllables (viz., om mani padme hum) as well as most other mantras and dharanis. As a seed syllable (bija mantra), it is also considered holy in Esoteric Buddhism.

Jewellery Type:
  • Earrings

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