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Suffer To Be Beautiful - Jolie Christine Rickman

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Jolie Rickman was an inspiring and talented musician and activist.  She died at the tragically young age of just 35 after contracting ovarian cancer.  Jolie left the world a better place for the music that she created, but a much sadder place for the people who knew and loved her, and who had been reached through her music and activism.
Jolie was active in the peace and feminist movements; A supreme singer songwriter, like the great Rickie Lee Jones her voice could convey much fragility and then power and strength almost in the same breath. Listening to her cds is like embarking on a musical adventure with the different styles she choose to use to make her beautiful music, full of passion and humour.

Suffer To Be Beautiful was re released in 2005. A truly great record, the anthemic Emma Goldman stands out, and it would be a very hard hearted and cynical peace activist not to be moved by the last track, Peace Loving Nation.

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