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Raw Snacks

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written by Caroline Fibaek
Format Paperback

Spicy nuts, crunchy raw chocolate truffles, dream bars, liquorice almonds, grape lollipops, date fudge, candy crunch popsicles, nut shakes, coffee substitutes and energy drinks are just a few of the quick, easy and healthy raw food snacks that Caroline Fibaek, Denmark’s leading raw food exponent, presents in her gorgeous book Raw Snacks. She provides tempting recipes that will inspire you the next time the craving for sugary, chocolate candy and other fat filled sweets comes upon you.

Here are tips to quit comfort eating and bad and unhealthy habits once and for all. You’ll get practical advice on how to fight the craving for sweets, and how you can easily replace the unhealthy, sweet and fatty with healthy, delicious and especially nutritious alternatives.
Let health, balance and happiness be your new addiction - because you can really get addicted to feeling good!

Caroline Fibaek is a popular lecturer and the author of two bestselling raw books. She has appeared regularly on television programmes such as on Good Morning Denmark and is often featured on the health pages of magazines. She is a qualified Naturopath in Biological Medicine and has trained in anatomy, physiology and pathology, alternative pathology, and psychology. She also works as a consultant for raw food restaurants and cafes as well as lecturing, running workshops and recipe development.

‘When I was first introduced to Caroline's work, I was immediately seduced by her beautiful presentation style and her wonderful use of colour. But the more I got to know her, the more I realised the real depth of knowledge and understanding that Caroline has regarding raw foods and holistic living. I have been waiting for her work to be translated into English for quite some time, and am so glad that day is finally here!’
Kate Magic, author of Eat Smart Eat Raw

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